Fall Haul – Bath and Body Works – Candles, Foaming Hand soap

My husband says we have a “candle problem” in our house.  Yes, when we are low on candles it is a problem.   I buy Yankee Candles from TJ Maxx all year round – they are much cheaper than going to the actual Yankee Candle store.  Whenever I visit TJ Maxx I set aside some time to smell the candles and usually end up bringing a few home with me. I don’t discriminate – if they smell good they get to come home with me.

Village Candle - Apples N Acorn

This one is from Village Candle via TJ Maxx. This one smells like fall.  It does not smell like apples and I am not even sure I know what acorns smell like but this smells like leaves.  And, according to my son, a little “cinnamony”.  The fragrance is lovely and its the homework candle.

Bath & Body Works Fall Candles
Bath & Body Works Fall Candles

Last week Bath & Body Works had their three wick candles on sale. They are usually $22.50 each.  They had them 2 for $24.00. I stocked on a all my Autumn favorites and a few just for fun. Don’t you just love the copper lids?

Leaves & Sweater Weather
Leaves & Sweater Weather

Leaves has been a favorite of mine ever since they released it.  You can get the one with the fall label or you can get the one pictured above with the more understated look. Bath & Body Works says this “smells like glittering golden nectar, red apple & spiced berries.”

Sweater Weather is also one of my favorites.  According to the Bath & Body works website you can “snuggle up with a cozy blend of aromatic eucalyptus, juniper berry & fresh sage”.  Now that I think about it … yes, thats what it smells like!

IMG_6440 (1)

I picked up the Mahogany and Teakwood for my son.  He loves this one for his bathroom. This one does smell a little warmer and has a more traditional masculine scent – mahogany, oak, and a soft lavender smell.

My niece quickly commanded the Apple Flower one for her room. She loves the mix of apple with a hint of citrus.


My husband and I commandeered this one for our bedroom. The Eucalyptus Spearmint aroma is really fresh and relaxing at the same time.

Three Wick Spooky Halloween Candle  The Spooky Vanilla smells like vanilla with a hint of something sweeter.  Our children will enjoy this packaging for Halloween.  The temperature was in the high 80″s in the greater Denver area today but my house smelled like fall!

This week I see they are having a sale on the medium candles – $7.00 each down from $12.50.  I see stocking stuffers!  They also have the mini ones on sale 3 for $12.00 down from $4.50 each.

Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soap
Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soap

These were my final purchases.  We can never have too Foaming Hand Soaps. What are your favorite fragrances from Bath & Body Works?